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An adventure unfolds astride giant eagles, as the kingdom of Alesia is torn by a civil war. The question at the center of this struggle? What to do with the notorious weapon, talonthunder.

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“From cover to rapidly reached cover, Talonthunder is extraordinary work- mysterious, vivid narrative, warm amusement and excitement most of all. Elson Low takes you on an adventure within the fantasy world of Alesia. In just 100 pages, you live through a civil war between royal blood brewed by an irresistible, power hungry diva; and you witness the epic feud with the dark fearsome Nameless. With a balance between character and plot, this is an absorbing and inventive tale. If you love imaginative fiction, this book deserves a place on your shelf.”

Shafeena Milton

About the Author

Elson Low has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Amherst College, in Massachusetts, where he studied political science and economics. He subsequently worked for Goldman Sachs before moving back to Guyana to work at the Ministry of the Presidency. Elson also cofounded a non-profit, the Benab Foundation, as well as advocates for constitutional reform and free university education in Guyana.

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